Anchore Expands Federal Footprint with Award of $1.58M Tactical Funding Contract

A recent contract, new customer installations and market listings further strengthen Anchore’s presence in the federal market.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., October 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today Anchor announced a $1.58M tactical funding award to extend its Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract with the United States Air Force (USAF) Platform 1 (P1) program. The Tactical Funding Award consists of providing 12 months of work in critical areas that leverages Anchore’s deep expertise and institutional knowledge to advance P1 goals. With this award, Anchore and P1 will deliver innovative new capabilities to secure software supply chains.

“It’s important now, perhaps more than ever, to be proactive about software supply chain security to stay ahead of current and emerging threats. Anchore’s role in this contract award is to continue to develop technology that identifies and illuminates the ever-changing software components that are used to compose critical infrastructure across a wide range of programs,” said Dan Nurmi, CTO of Anchore. “We are proud to partner with the P1 team and happy to see this contract continue into the future to help secure our nation’s critical software systems.”

“Anchore’s partnership with P1 continues to advance software security across the Department through innovative technical solutions and modern, industry-standard security practices,” said Col. Timothee Helfrich, Senior Materiel Manager, Cyber ​​Systems Group, USAF. “The mission of P1 is to transform the way the Department of Defense (DoD) delivers combat capabilities through innovative frameworks, a collaborative culture, and secure software. Adversaries attempt to compromise our national defense on a daily basis, and the software supply chain is a growing attack vector. At P1, safety isn’t an afterthought, it’s the first thought. Anchore’s industry-standard Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) formats help Iron Bank publish SBOMs for broad consumption and track unexpected drifts to mitigate supply chain risks for the Department of Health. ‘Air Force. »

In the Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity, President Biden is encouraging federal agencies to mandate the use of SBOM as a best practice for understanding dependencies and software components to prevent malicious activity. Anchore’s software supply chain solutions automate compliance checks with predefined policy packs for US government standards, including DoD, Defense Information Systems Agency STIG, CISA, FedRAMP, NIST, and Center for Internet benchmarks Security.

Additionally, Anchore’s software container scanning capabilities are included in the US DoD Container Hardening Guide and Guide to building and deploying container images to help federal agencies maintain a strong security posture when working with containerized applications.

Expansion of the federal footprint

Anchore technology is deployed across a large number of DoD agencies and programs. Anchore’s solutions are used specifically to identify and remediate critical vulnerabilities and malware, ensure strict adherence to government compliance standards, and improve the overall security of these critical aircraft and warships, conventional weapons systems and nuclear facilities, major intelligence centers and software factories. .

Anchore available in the federal market

As Anchore continues to work with federal agencies, its offerings are now available for purchase on the online government marketplaces of GSA Advantage and Second Generation IT Coverage Purchase Agreements (2GIT). Anchore’s software supply chain security solutions can be purchased through contract vehicles at pre-negotiated rates and terms, making it easy for federal agencies to procure solutions to implement proactive security measures. cyber hardening and software supply chain security.

For more information on Anchore’s secure public sector solution that automates compliance with stringent government security standards, visit

About Anchore

Anchore is a leader in software supply chain security and enables organizations to protect applications from attack. Anchore technology incorporates continuous security and compliance checks into every step of the software development process. Large enterprises and government agencies use Anchore solutions to generate comprehensive software bills of materials, identify vulnerabilities, identify malware, and uncover unprotected credentials that can lead to hacks and ransomware. With an API-centric approach, Anchore solutions integrate with the tools developers already use to detect issues earlier, saving time and reducing the cost of remediating vulnerabilities.

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