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One of the most asked questions when it comes to computer and internet security is: “Should I use paid antivirus?” Yes, you need it, but you need to get the right antivirus and know how to use it properly.

Defender, the antivirus that comes with Windows 10 computers, is a great basic program, but it has some flaws. It doesn’t have all the features of a paid antivirus, such as frequent updates, or security features like a VPN. And you have to be very careful not to open attachments from senders you don’t know. Defender may not fully protect you against these threats, but the paid versions can.

Another basic tip to help your antivirus run better, besides being very careful with email attachments, is to make sure that the websites you visit are the real ones and not a clone of it. original. Updated browsers are good options to help spot issues.

For Mac users, an antivirus is not as essential as those who use a Windows PC, due to their superior software protections, but Mac-specific viruses are starting to develop. So, especially if you do sensitive work online, an antivirus program is always a good idea.

There are many good antivirus options available. Avira Premium is a great all-round antivirus that includes VPN and password manager. Norton is also excellent and even includes identity protection with LifeLock.

The most important part of internet safety is to take common sense precautions. For example, do not listen to callers who claim that your computer is infected and ask for access to your computer. Once these crooks gain access to your computer, no antivirus will protect you.

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