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Beacon Red at the ISS World Middle East conference, Dubai (Beacon Red)

BEIRUT: To better help military and government organizations assess their cybersecurity readiness, UAE’s Beacon Red has developed threat modeling and threat intelligence services that specifically target the Middle East.

Over the next few years, attacks on critical infrastructure will continue to be a major concern in the region as industries find the best way to defend themselves against threatening actors.

“The greatest risk to critical infrastructure and national security is complacency, which is why we look forward to supporting proactive organizations that seek cyber technologies to increase cyber resilience,” said Mauricio De Almeida, CEO of Beacon Red. Break the defense in an exclusive interview.

“Given its high internet penetration, the Middle East region and the United Arab Emirates, in particular, are common targets for sophisticated adversaries and criminals looking for financial gain,” he said. declared.

One such service is iTHREAT “which focuses on all-source intelligence, which systematically collects open source internet and dark web data for our clients,” De Almeida explained.

Threats can include computer systems and topology leaks, exposed credentials, network architectures, and product vulnerabilities, so “customers can receive actionable information about threats in real time.”

But identifying threats is only part of the game. “Instead of worrying about how to respond to the next threat, it is essential that organizations become proactive in learning how to deal with the global landscape of threats. threats, ”said De Almeida.

The main objective of the company is to foster strategic partnerships. “We are always focused on results and open to working with partners, large or small, for the benefit of our clients,” said De Almeida.

Last May, the company partnered with US IT infrastructure firm Quali to provide cybersecurity and related services to governments, the military and critical infrastructure projects in the six GCC countries.

“This strategic partnership provides Beacon Red solutions to GCC by leveraging the Quali software suite to automate and orchestrate the virtualization of the different environments we want to emulate,” the CEO told me. Virtualization technology enables the replication and simulation of computing environments to include hardware platforms, storage devices, and network resources.

The two companies developed the Cyber ​​Range on Wheels (ROW) and Cyber ​​Lab on Wheels (LOW), which initially launched at IDEX 2021.

“Our ROW and LOW solutions will allow our customers to safely and securely emulate and replicate any environment or use case imaginable,” explained the CEO. “A SOC [security operations center] is an example of a powerful use case for training SOC operators on the latest cyber threats, from malware explosion and practicing incident response actions to integrating new solutions.

SOCs are made up of cybersecurity professionals and equipped with specialized security technologies. SOCs are used by governments and businesses to monitor IT assets (e.g. devices, servers, networks, etc.), detect cyber threats, and respond to cyber incidents.

ROW is a portable, orchestrated and automated solution that allows the business to replicate and simulate a customer’s production environment. An example could be for a vulnerability assessment or penetration testing or for the purpose of training personnel or new technologies or testing the interoperability and integration of a new solution or security products.

The common solution will enable customers to establish complex cyber ranges and interoperability test cases for their customers in the GCC region.

“Having a hybrid environment that merges both physical devices and virtual environments extends the power of the cyber range to support industrial control systems, radio frequency equipment and a host of other use cases.” , he explained. “It can be used for a variety of training scenarios, mission space works and exercises, interoperability testing, and supply chain security testing. “

Asked about his growth plan for the next two years, De Almeida said his company recognizes a major need within the GCC for solutions such as ROW and LOW. “We anticipate significant revenue over the next several years as customers adopt the solutions and leverage them to meet their own needs. “

Today, the company is already working with several clients on their specific use cases and development needs, the CEO revealed.

“For the unique hardware and software that customers want to virtualize in ROW / LOW environments, engineers at Beacon Red can create these shells for customers to use, providing them with powerful capabilities to leverage the solution for their customers. own use cases and unique scenarios, ”he said.

Beacon Red and Quali attended the ISS World Middle East conference in Dubai this week. Beyond cybertechnology, companies have demonstrated their ability to provide language training, professional development training and other training essential to national security. “We have also advertised our early staff selection services,” the CEO concluded.


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