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Often, a compliance team may have an archiving solution in place, only to find that their archives don’t capture the full experience of their dynamic site. Sometimes they find that their archives didn’t capture anything at all beyond a login screen. Or they find they are only archiving one customer experience when there are dozens of possible experiences that are missed. Some legacy archiving tools require multiple logins or preliminary steps, the very kind of effort that an advanced CMS promises to alleviate. That’s why your archiving tool should match your website experience: there should be no compromise between website innovation and regulatory compliance.

Here are the features you should expect from your compliance archiving solution:

Capture functional dynamic content

By using dynamic capture technology, you can create live website archives that show precisely what customers experienced on the live site at the time of capture. This includes all dynamic content, from videos and audio to rotating carousels and interactive content like hover capabilities and fillable forms.

This produces a major competitive advantage over static captures relying on PDF or image files, especially when it comes to proving compliance. Plus, when combined with advanced search and alerting capabilities, compliance verification becomes simple and defensible.

Archive all possible unique user journeys

When a website enables a personalized user experience, capturing the entire customer journey and each of its potential iterations is an essential part of establishing each visitor’s regulatory compliance.

For example, you may need to demonstrate the granular options a potential customer has seen based on location, gender, age, account type, etc., including each branch along the way at a given final data point.

With a powerful archiving solution, you should be able to customize archiving with these or other settings and extend any customer journey available on your live site, tracing your potential customer steps through your archive. to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Automatic Site Mapping

Updating a sitemap each time your marketing team has added or removed pages can be time-consuming and error-prone. Archiving solutions should be able to find all new pages and capture them without any extra effort on your part by automatically discovering links in a parent page, then crawling all linked web pages, creating dynamic captures of each.

Custom alerts and notifications

Even if an archiving system captures all pages, compliance teams may not realize there is a problem until their audit, which may only be scheduled quarterly, semi-annually, or even annually. A modern archiving solution can create custom alerts for everything you need to know about your captured website. You can receive daily alerts on everything from missing SEC disclaimers and privacy law opt-out buttons to missing accessibility features for ADA compliance or catch notifications when areas of your website are broken and more.

Future-proof your compliance archiving solution

If you have a complex and dynamic website, whether it’s built using an advanced CMS like Adobe Experience Manager, Sitecore Experience Manager, Drupal, or another tool or combination of tools, you need to make sure that you also have dynamic web archiving capabilities for the future. prove the compliance of your archiving solution.

When your archives are fully functional and interactive – including all custom and custom variations – and gone are the days of incomplete static captures, missing versions of sites, constant checking and stress, and the need to update your sitemaps , you can create dynamic, user-friendly websites without feeling constrained by regulatory compliance requirements.

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