Computer Security Day shines a light on the interplay between AI and cybersecurity



The use of artificial intelligence will increasingly help cybersecurity systems to better detect smart hacker attacks, avoid damage and minimize risk in the digitization process. This makes AI a critical factor in business cybersecurity. In this context, this year’s Computer Security Day program was born. The event, which will be held online again this year, will take place on November 11 and will feature six conferences and three panel discussions.

The central task of the von Heise Academy in cooperation with the Institute for Internet Security at the University of Westphalia Gelsenkirchen is to answer the following questions:

  • Where can AI help protect IT infrastructure and systems?
  • How to protect AI systems from manipulation?
  • How can AI help support the still needed human security expertise?
  • Where can advanced anomaly detection or predictive analytics support traditional signature-based methods?
  • How to take advantage of machine learning methods to secure IT systems?
  • What ethical dilemmas can arise when using AI in a security context?
  • How can security experts introduce AI into their security processes?

IT Security Day is aimed at security managers, security experts, data scientists and IT project managers. The event costs 149 euros until October 14 inclusive, then 199 euros (all prices including VAT). Further information is available on the conference website.


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