Cyber ​​attack: Kiwibank customers still have access problems




Kiwibank has been repelling a cyberattack for over a week. Photo / File

A cyber attack always causes problems for Kiwibank customers trying to access online banking and its app.

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The bank had intermittent access issues for over a week, causing frustration and anger among its customers who were prevented from accessing their accounts online to make payments and transfers.

It is one of the major New Zealand organizations that have faced a distributed denial of service attack over the past week, including ANZ, NZ Post, MetService, and NZ Police.

In a DDoS attack, hackers overwhelm a site with thousands or millions of bots trying to connect to it at the same time, making it inaccessible. There is no element of server break-ins or data theft.

In an 8:30 a.m. update on its Facebook page, Kiwibank said it expected its online banking and app to be intermittent today.

“Some clients may be able to access our services and some may have issues from time to time. We continue to work on this as our priority.”

The bank said it knew the outages had caused problems and frustration for its customers.

“We really appreciate the patience and support you have shown as we work tirelessly to get our services back up and running.”

He also urged customers to plan ahead if they need to make a payment or transfer money using online banking or its app.

But one customer said he plans to switch banks as soon as the systems are up and running again.

“My business doesn’t give me time to sit around and wait for these ongoing issues to be resolved.”

Others complained about their card payments being refused while trying to make purchases.

“I couldn’t do my shopping last night. It was very embarrassing.”

Another customer asked if the bank would reimburse the denial fee.

“I hope your clients will reimburse a refusal to honor fee due to the inability to transfer money to make payments.”

The bank said it would waive all charges its customers incurred as a result of the outages, including telephone banking charges and denial fees.

“Any fees that could have been billed will be reimbursed. “

“Our contact center and social media team are here to help you today if needed, but expect longer wait times if you need to give us a call.”

Last week, ANZ experienced three days of blackouts in a row Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

When asked if the Reserve Bank was concerned about the attacks on the two big banks, a spokesperson said: “We do not comment on the operational issues of the individual entities regulated by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. – Te PÅ«tea Matua.

“We are in contact with the entities concerned and they keep us informed of their developments.”

Last Wednesday, the government cybersecurity agency CERT NZ said it was aware of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) targeting a number of New Zealand organizations.

“We are monitoring the situation and working with affected parties where we can.”

A spokesperson for GCSB’s National Cyber ​​Security Center said, “We are limited in any public comment we make because we are aware that malicious cyber actors can follow what is publicly reported and can change their behavior by according to media reports on their activity.

“DDoS attacks are not new, and most are repelled by organizations working with their service providers who are best placed to implement technical mitigation measures.”


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