Flashpoint Unveils Security Offering for School Boards

Flashpoint launched its K-12 Security and Risk Management offering to provide school boards and education security practitioners with tools to recognize, prevent, and manage cyber threats and physical threats.

The Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Intelligence firm notes that threat actors are increasingly targeting schools with ransomware and DDoS attacks, making school systems the victims of data breaches and compromised systems. emails.

This is having devastating effects on K-12 operations across the United States, as well as on teachers, students, parents, and vendors.

“Schools are increasingly faced with a confluence of cyber and physical threats that must be addressed holistically,” said Steve Cooperman, vice president of global public sector sales at Flashpoint.

“Flashpoint is the only joint threat intelligence solution that can quickly help schools better protect their students and staff across cyber and physical realms, reducing risk everywhere.

“Our K-12 security and risk management solutions are purpose-built to address the unique threats facing school boards nationwide that cost taxpayers millions of dollars and take far too often endangering the livelihoods of students, parents and school staff.”

To combat this, Flashpoint partners with leading school systems across the United States to deliver its new K-12 offerings.

These include:

Ransomware Preparedness and Response

Flashpoint notes that K-12 schools are often targeted by ransomware groups that disrupt network and communication systems and encrypt sensitive information such as personal and financial data of students, their families, and school employees. in exchange for a ransom.

Flashpoint’s latest offerings help K-12 schools quickly identify the scope of a cyber extortion attack and implement a response plan to mitigate the impact.

The company notes that as part of any organization’s overall risk landscape, plans and policies need to be tested to ensure they are ready for and to respond to an attack, Flashpoint is working with schools to create contingencies such as establishing a process to ensure payments can be made safely and quickly.

Brand exposure protection and domain monitoring

Flashpoint’s offerings can also be used to identify fake or duplicate social media accounts that may be targeting a K-12 school’s name and brand and also help eliminate threats, including typosquatting, allowing users to act via withdrawal services.

Additionally, the Flashpoint Intelligence platform also provides insight into whether the brand is being impersonated through logo detection through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and machine learning technology.

Prevent Account Takeover (ATO)

Flashpoint’s intelligence platform helps school risk and security teams find school-affiliated email IDs that have been exposed and determine whether or not they are being sold within communities illicit on the Deep Dark Web (DDW).

It also provides schools with the ability to flag these accounts, reset passwords, and restrict permissions to prevent hackers from accessing sensitive data while mitigating the risk of ATO.

Coordination with law enforcement

These offerings help schools introduce a range of standard operating procedures into their risk remediation program, including knowing when and how to involve law enforcement quickly and effectively in a scenario requiring this level of response.

Threat Actor Surveillance and Intelligence

Additionally, the company helps schools quickly identify groups of malicious actors who are actively using stolen data or are involved in malicious activity against assets, personnel or the community and helps risk management security teams to Easily understand the most important context surrounding malicious actors such as affiliates. , history, and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), which can lead to DDoS attacks, Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams, and other potentially harmful schemes.

Flashpoint’s offerings allow schools to set up custom alerts, prioritize security issue resolution and manage them quickly, and prepare for the future.

Monitoring and prioritization of vulnerabilities

The company provides schools’ education security professionals with comprehensive vulnerability information, including more than 93,000 vulnerabilities that cannot be found in CVE and NVD.

Its VulnDB offering enables schools to receive alerts about newly disclosed vulnerabilities in their software ecosystem approximately two weeks faster than the public source.

Combining this with rich metadata, security professionals can use VulnDB to recognize, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities that may pose the greatest threat to their data, assets, and infrastructure.

Flashpoint’s new physical and cyber security intelligence solutions for K-12 schools are available immediately.

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