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Focus on your cybersecurity with a massive discount at Kaspersky this Black Friday.

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We hear a lot about cybersecurity in the news; these days it’s almost as important as protecting the physical premises of your home.

Whether you are in the United States or Canada, we have some exciting news: from today you will be able to save a lot of time on home security products at all levels on the Kaspersky site.

Keep your family safe, all on a penny

For Christmas this year, Kaspersky Home Security wants only one thing: to protect your technology against viruses, unwanted tracks, Trojans and ransomware.

If you’re new to Kaspersky Home Protection, there’s actually no better time to buy. You’ll get an additional 70% discount on cybersecurity products at, until November 28.

If it’s high time to upgrade, Kaspersky offers protection in the form of internet security, antivirus software, and even branded VPN and family services.

Stay protected with Kaspersky’s Black Friday 2021 offers


Why choose Kaspersky?

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If you are not very technically inclined, you may not understand all the options that the Kaspersky site has to show. How is this brand different from others?

The company’s mission isn’t just to protect you, in the cockpit, in front of your laptop. It’s an all-inclusive catalog of services, all focused on one thing: keeping your family’s virtual bubble tight and free from outside hassles. This includes not only your own devices, but also the devices and services your family uses.

The Kaspersky Total Security package illustrates the brand’s commitment to providing a safe and secure home for everyone, even those who have little knowledge of the ins and outs of cybersecurity. It includes all the bells and whistles for up to five devices, no questions asked.

Even if you still live with friends or go out on your own, there will always be a lot of interest to browse here when it comes to digital home security. At 70% off, it will be hard to pass up much of what you find.

Protect what’s yours with a little help from Kaspersky

Chances are it’s not just you who live in your house – some of us have kids, and they’re absolutely glued to our tablets and phones.

In our modern world, protecting your family from harm no longer stops at the threshold; securing your home from the inside has really become a full-time job. Let Kaspersky take the pressure off you a bit, so you can enjoy everything these products protect once again.

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