GGRAsia – JCM Global, Global Payments will offer cashless technology

JCM Global, Global Payments offers cashless technology

Japan Cash Machine Co Ltd, also known as JCM Global, has integrated its Fuzion system and iVizion bill validator with the “VIP Mobility cashless gaming solution” from Global Payments Gaming Solutions, a division of Global Payments Inc.

“The newly integrated product creates a cashless solution that works for all casinos – regardless of their content management system (CMS) provider,” Global Payments said in a press release Tuesday.

He added, “This cashless solution allows customers to fund their game through an easy-to-use mobile app while helping casinos avoid costly CMS upgrades, complex system integrations and patent pool fees. of intellectual property required by all other cashless solutions”.

The release quotes Chris Justice, President of Global Payments Gaming Solutions, as saying: “Integrating our cashless solution and database of over 3 million players, with technology from JCM Global, this creates a truly powerful combination for casino operators.”

Dave Kubajak, JCM’s senior vice president of sales, marketing and operations, said in prepared remarks that the partnership with Global Payments “takes full advantage” of “cutting-edge technology, making cashless payments a great option for our customers”.

According to the release, casino customers can use their phones to “quickly fund slot machines.” [and] table games”, as well as to make payments in “restaurants and bars”. This allows users to have “a cashless experience across the entire casino resort without any complicated system integration required at any of these touchpoints.”

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