How to download Bitdefender: an installation and configuration guide



This article provides a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to set up and run Bitdefender Brilliant Antivirus on your PC, and also covers the installation process on a smartphone.

For the purposes of this tutorial on how to download Bitdefender, we will be using Bitdefender Total Security as it is the only package that offers cross-platform coverage and therefore can be used on PCs and phones (and it is much reduced for higher device numbers, too).

However, if you purchase another Bitdefender antivirus plan – such as Bitdefender Antivirus Plus or Internet Security – which only supports Windows PCs, the installation process for a computer detailed below will still apply and will be substantially the same. even. So whatever your installation and configuration needs, you’ve got you covered here.

Let’s first look at the installation and how to download Bitdefender on Windows 10 PC and then follow the instructions to set up Bitdefender on Android smartphone.

How to download Bitdefender on your PC

1. Buy and download

– If you haven’t already, go to the firm’s website. (In this case, we buy Bitdefender Total Security – if you need help deciding which plan is best for you, we have detailed Bitdefender Antivirus plan functionality to choose from.)

– Click on the “Buy Now” link for the product and you will be redirected to the cart.

– Click on the orange button “Billing and payment details” and fill in the requested personal information as well as your payment details.

– Click on ‘Confirm order’ to finalize the transaction. You will then see a confirmation screen that offers a bespoke installation and configuration service – of course, you can safely ignore it, as you have this guide handy.

– Check your email (the email account you provided in the billing details), where you should find an email from Bitdefender. In fact, you will receive two messages: one is a receipt and the other is an activation email; open the latter. (Note that it may take a few minutes for these emails to arrive, but they should appear almost instantly in most cases).

How to download Bitdefender

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2. Head to Bitdefender Central

– In the activation email, click on the big blue button ‘Activate in Central’. You will be redirected to the Bitdefender Central account login page.

– If you have already created such an account, you can log in using your existing information.

– Otherwise, on the login page, simply click on “Create one” (next to the “No account?” Prompt), then fill in the relevant information (name, e-mail and password), check the box to accept the legal terms, then click on “Create an account”.

How to download Bitdefender

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3. License activated

– Once you have logged in to your existing Bitdefender Central – or newly created account, a message will appear to confirm that you have just activated your new Bitdefender license.

– If this is not the case and something is wrong with the license activation link, you can activate it manually in your Bitdefender Central account: just go to “My subscriptions”, select “Activate with code ”and enter the one-time code provided in the activation email.

– The number of devices you can protect will be listed here, and to install Bitdefender on your current PC, click the “Use on one device” button.

How to download Bitdefender

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4. Installation options

– A dialog box will appear giving you the option to install Bitdefender on the PC you are using (as well as another option to install it on other devices – we’ll talk about that later). Assuming you want the application on the computer you are using (at least first), under “Install Bitdefender Security on”, click “This device”.

How to download Bitdefender

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5. Download…

– The Bitdefender installer will then download, with a yellow box underlining this fact. The yellow box with an arrow points to the installer executable (EXE) file, and it will download very quickly.

– Once it’s done, click on EXE and it will open.

– A box will appear asking for permission to let Bitdefender make changes to your device, so click “Yes”.

– A screen will appear informing you that the application is preparing your system for installation, then a percentage indicator will follow the progress of the Bitdefender download.

How to download Bitdefender

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6. Complete installation of files

– Once the download is complete, a Bitdefender Security panel will appear and you will need to check the box to accept the subscription agreement (after reading it).

– Note the “Product Reports” box at the bottom left which is checked by default – if you do not want to send data on threats detected on your machine back to Bitdefender, make sure this box is not checked.

– Click on the blue “Install” button and the process will begin – you will see an installation progress bar informing you of the progress of the installer.

How to download Bitdefender

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7. Evaluation of the optional device

– Now you have the ability to scan critical areas of your system to check for any security issues or threats right from the start.

– Click on the “Start device evaluation” button. Depending on the size of your drive and the data it contains, the scan may take a few minutes or a little longer.

– If Bitdefender has problems, the app will advise you on what to do next.

How to download Bitdefender

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8. Initial setup

– Click the “Start using Bitdefender” button to do just that, and the main program menu will appear.

– Shortly after you start using the program, Bitdefender will automatically check for updates and install all the files needed to keep you fully up to date, notifying you with a pop-up notification.

– In the main menu you will receive some initial recommendations. The most important thing is to activate the ransomware fix, which offers additional protection against this particularly nasty strain of malware (and can help stop an attack, and even restore any files that could be maliciously encrypted if the ransomware manages to reach a few. files before the antivirus starts and stops its progress). It is worth clicking “Activate” to activate this feature.

– Note that there is also a little tour of the interface that you can do (or skip) to familiarize yourself with a few things.

– You are now ready to go with all the Bitdefender databases downloaded and configured, and the most important protection elements in place.

How to download Bitdefender

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How to download Bitdefender on your mobile phone

1. Purchase, download and activation

– For Android phone users, you will need the Bitdefender Total Security or Bitdefender Mobile Security internet security suite.

– The purchase and activation procedure is identical to the method we just discussed for PC users in point 1 above.

How to download Bitdefender

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2. Install the app

– You will be automatically redirected to the Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus application page on the Google Play Store.

– Press the “Install” button and the application will download and then install.

– Press ‘Open’, then on the next screen, check the box to accept the subscription contract.

– Press “Continue”.

How to download Bitdefender

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3. Settings

– Press “Start”.

– The first screen asks if you want to enable web protection to ensure your safety while browsing, and we recommend that you do so.

– Press “Activate”.

– Press “Scan now” (or “Skip” if you prefer not to do so). Before the scan will run, you will need to press “Allow” to give Bitdefender Security access to the files on your mobile device.

How to download Bitdefender

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4. Reported issues and recommendations

– “Tap to reveal unresolved issues” (if applicable) and address anything Bitdefender has flagged as problematic.

– Just like with the desktop app, the mobile app will provide autopilot recommendations, and you can take or leave those tips.

One final note: if you first activate Bitdefender on your PC and then want to install it on your mobile phone, you can do so from your PC’s browser, rather than following the steps above to activate the Bitdefender. product, etc. on your phone (which you obviously won’t need to do if you’ve already experienced all of this with the installation of the PC).

When you follow this route, just head to the Bitdefender Central dashboard in your PC browser, click the blue “Add a device” button, choose “Security”, click “Other devices”, then you can enter an email address to send a link that will start installing Bitdefender on another device. Enter this other device, open the email it contains and use the link for “Download Bitdefender Security”, then follow the instructions given above from step 2. Remember that the link d The installation sent by e-mail will only remain valid for 24 hours.


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