How to protect yourself from mobile security threats


By Chinenye Anuforo, Lagos

Do you know that every year the number of threats your phone faces keeps increasing?

Once your phone is hacked, your other devices may be next if they are connected. That’s because your overall online security is only as strong as the weakest link in your connected device chain. Malware can spread from your hacked phone to your tablet or other mobile device through the network.

Mobile security threats can seem scary, but here are six steps you can take to protect yourself against them.

Keep your software up to date:

Only 20% of Android devices are running the latest version and only 2.3% are using the latest version.

Everything from your operating system to your social media apps are potential gateways for hackers to compromise your mobile device. Keeping software up to date provides the best protection against most mobile security threats.

Choose mobile security: Just like computers, your mobile devices also need internet security. Make sure you select mobile security software from a trusted vendor and keep it up to date.

Install a firewall:

Most cell phones do not come with any type of firewall protection. Installing a firewall gives you much stronger protection against digital threats and allows you to protect your privacy online.

Always use a password on your phone: Remember that physical loss or theft of your mobile device can also compromise your information.

Download apps from the official app stores:

Google Play and Apple app stores check the apps they sell; third-party app stores don’t always do this. Buying from well-known app stores may not guarantee that you never get a bad app, but it can help reduce your risk.

Always read the end user agreement

Before installing an app, read the fine print. Grayware vendors rely on you not reading their terms of service and allowing their malware on your device

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