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Ipsotek, an Atos company and a pioneer in artificial intelligence-based video analytics, announced the completion of its contract with Sydney Trains, the operator of rail services in the Sydney metropolitan area, to increase safety capabilities in 13 stations.

Following a call for tenders, Ipsotek was selected by Sydney Trains to provide an AI-based video analysis solution. This saw the rail operator, Sydney Trains, integrate a range of Ipsotek’s AI-based video analysis solutions with its security cameras, to identify the incidences of intrusion into tunnels and tracks in its 13 stations, located in the Sydney metropolitan area.

AI-based video analytics solution

Ipsotek’s AI solutions are at the heart of Atos Computer Vision Platform, a unique end-to-end computer vision platform that offers pre-trained and customizable AI models powered by the BullSequana range of servers, powered by NVIDIA GPUs and enriched by expert labs around the world. .

Mark Edmonds, Director of Transportation Safety Capability at Sydney Trains, commented “Sydney Trains chose Ipsotek after a thorough comparison of a number of products. Ipsotek’s proven track record in the AI ​​Video Analytics space, its partnership with Genetec, and its work with Innovate UK’s Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) for railway-centric AI applications, have made this clear. made a well-deserved choice.

Strengthening security at Sydney Trains stations

The project with Sydney Trains is the second transport project in the region for Ipsotek

Chris Bishop, APAC Sales Director and Marketing Director at Ipsotek, said: “As a UK SME competing with some of the biggest companies in the industry, we are delighted to have been chosen by Sydney Trains to carry out this project. It represents a welcome validation of our expertise in transport and more specifically, the rail sector and we are proud to have supported Sydney Trains in its commitment to provide improved safety practices on its network.

The project with Sydney Trains is the second transportation project in the region for Ipsotek, which is working with accelerated computing solutions company NVIDIA on the implementation.

Ipsotek, member of the NVIDIA Metropolis partner group

Ipsotek is a member of the NVIDIA Metropolis Partner Program, which brings together an IT platform and a vast ecosystem of specialists, to help create smarter spaces and solve some of the world’s most pressing problems, which involve operational efficiency and public safety.

Sudarshan Ramachandran, Country Manager, Enterprise, ANZ at NVIDIA, commented “As a partner of NVIDIA Metropolis, Ipsotek offers incredibly valuable capabilities, solving extremely complex video analytics problems using AI and the NVIDIA GPU-accelerated compute stack.

AI video analysis for public transport

Ipsotek’s project with Sydney Trains follows the company’s previous success in carrying out an initial work program through the Innovate UK SBRI initiative, for the development of AI video analytics, to improve the rail experience for passengers and staff in the UK.


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