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LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Itron, Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI), which innovates in the way utilities and cities manage energy and water, announced that Itron Inspire 2021, its first customer-centric event, will be held virtually only October 4-8, 2021. The customer-centric event will bring together leaders in energy, water, industrial IoT (IIoT) and smart communities to share their perspectives and best practices to move the industry forward. Originally, this year’s Itron Inspire was planned as a hybrid event with both virtual and in-person components.

“Due to the growing uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 Delta variant and with the safety of our customers, partners and employees in mind, we have made the decision to host Itron Inspire virtually. We look forward to gathering online and exchanging ideas that help move our industry forward, especially on pressing issues such as better preparedness for natural disasters and managing the influx of renewable energies and vehicles. electrical, ”said Marina Donovan, vice president of global marketing and public affairs. . “We have a great range of speakers and thought leaders, including a number of breakout sessions with clients. ”

Itron Inspire’s main event, the Knowledge Conference, will take place October 4-6, 2021 and will feature two insightful speeches, two group sessions, and 20 breakout sessions. Post-conference forums will also be held virtually in the weeks following the Knowledge Conference. More details to come.

Keynotes and general sessions

  • Opening of the general session: Todd L. Inlander, SVP and CIO of Southern California Edison and Tom Deitrich, President and CEO of Itron, will discuss the ongoing transformation of our industry, and how to leverage more intelligence throughout the delivery system can lead to more opportunities for innovation and efficiency to help drive transformation. Marina Donovan will take the virtual stage to unveil the results of this year’s Itron Resourcefulness Insight Report on Network Resilience.
  • Tuesday General Session – Trek to Decarbonization: Tom Rand, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of ArcTern Ventures is one of the most creative and courageous speakers in North America, challenging his audience to recognize that there are concrete solutions to the climate change crisis. Listen to Tom take this extremely complicated problem and rephrase it in a way that presents solid thinking for overcoming the impacts of climate change. Next, Kimberly Britton, CEO of EPIcenter, will sit down with Tom for a fireside chat about innovation, decarbonization and the critical conversations we need to have around energy and water.

  • Women in public services: Denise Thomas, President of The Effective Communication Coach, will share powerful ideas to help transform emerging and existing professionals into extraordinary leaders by mastering the art of effective communication. Her great energy and enthusiasm for uplifting women in organizations, as well as her powerful ideas on inclusion and diversity, are sure to re-energize attendees. Both men and women are encouraged to listen to this dynamic presentation.

Group sessions:

  • Resilience and reliability – Meeting urgent network challenges: The Texas electricity crisis in 2021 and the increasingly frequent wildfires in the West have exposed dangerous vulnerabilities in utility infrastructure and market systems. A panel of industry experts will discuss what can be learned from past events to design a smarter future. What lessons (and multi-product resources) can be shared between electricity, gas and water systems, and how to get consumers to engage in a way that increases satisfaction, minimizes inconvenience and gives priority to safety.
  • Cyber ​​security in a complex and interconnected world: Public service executives have been making cybersecurity a top concern for several years now. Nonetheless, the SolarWinds hack in 2020 was a wake-up call for vulnerabilities at the heart of the software supply chain. Utilities have long known that their assets would be in the crosshairs if global tensions escalate into a full-fledged cyber war. But what is the probability of this? What can managers in today’s utilities and cities do to ensure data security? During this Big Picture Session, a panel of cybersecurity experts will meet to discuss these and other questions.

Small group sessions:

Small group sessions will be held each day of the conference after the general session along the following lines:

  • Applications, results and services: Sessions in this track cover outcomes driven by distributed intelligence, consumer energy management, AMI and grid operations, forecasting, water operations management, revenue assurance , prepayment, renewable energy integration, and results-based services and solutions for utilities, cities and third-party providers around the world.
  • Data management: In this track, utilities will share ideas and experiences to help those looking for a meter data management solution as well as those looking for strategies to store and use data in their utility.
  • Mobile and measurement solutions: This track also brings an understanding of how Itron Mobile-based solutions provide flexibility for seamless migration to a next-generation network or hybrid deployment to meet your business and operational needs.
  • Versatile network solutions: In this track, learn about Itron’s approach to helping you navigate these changes with intelligently connected IIoT platforms and solutions designed from the ground up to support a wide range of outcomes today and tomorrow.

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