Tudor Tech and Qylur Announce Strategic Alliance and Vision

SAINT-IMIER (BERNE), SWITZERLAND AND SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA, Feb. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Switzerland-based Mircea Tudor San Tech SA and California-based Qylur Intelligent Systems today announced that the two companies have signed a strategic alliance agreement with the vision of bringing market the first-ever citywide integrated portfolio of AI-powered end-to-end automated security screening solutions.

Under the announced alliance, the companies will join forces and tightly integrate their respective automated screening technologies, creating a comprehensive intelligent security screening portfolio that will cover all checkpoints, borders, seaports and airports, at the entrances to facilities and critical infrastructure. sites and smart cities.

The visionary concept of a fully integrated portfolio will appeal to architects and designers of large-scale projects that require a strict security setup that behaves consistently and intelligently connects all layers. Partners will also collaborate closely in sales, coordinating across channels and geographies for expanded global reach.

“This strategic partnership brings a new concept in large-scale security projects, introducing the innovation and smart solutions provided by our two companies, recognized globally for their highly dynamic and market-ready security solutions,” said Mircea Tudor. , the inventor, founder and CEO. of Mircea Tudor Scan Tech SA. “Now is the time for large security consumers to trust SMBs as reliable, innovative and responsive providers of intelligent, integrated solutions.”

The initiative will combine the strengths of both companies, which are considered to be among the most innovative category disruptors in their advanced security screening areas. These include Tudor Tech AREIA DV, the only aircraft scanners used for both threat detection and preventative aircraft maintenance, Tudor Tech Robotic cargo and car scanners, the Tudor Tech boats and Qylur Q Entry Experience, an AI-powered automated self-service entry. security solution for people’s property.

The companies plan to leverage Qylur’s technology platforms to power an automated, networked, and AI-powered wallet. These platforms are Qylur’s SNIM™ AI (Social Network of Intelligent Machines), based on patented technology for scalable personalized sensing, predictive and preventive maintenance; and Qylur’s global C4I monitoring and control platform.

“We are thrilled to partner with Tudor to realize our shared vision and focus our talents and know-how to ensure that we protect life and our way of life,” said Dr. Lisa Dolev, Inventor, Founder and CEO from Qylur Intelligent Systems and Quartz IA. “This alliance once again demonstrates how far we are leading with a concept that delivers extraordinarily powerful safety, operational and business benefits to facilities and entire cities, and delivers seamless security to the public. With the level of advanced technologies we bring, we believe our next solutions will disrupt the market on a whole new level.

About Mircea Tudor Scan Tech

Mircea Tudor Scan Tech SA, twice winner of the Grand Prize at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva. The company combines high-level innovation with over 25 years of expertise in developing and manufacturing advanced non-intrusive displays for road vehicles, shipping containers and aircraft. With a footprint that already spans four continents, our advanced scanning systems and integrated solutions deliver unparalleled operational benefits and low cost of ownership for Customs/Law Enforcement, Transportation and Security. other homeland security operators. For more information, visit www.tudor-tech.ch

About Qylur Intelligent Systems Inc.

Qylur Intelligent Systems Inc, based in Silicon Valley, California, is a high-tech company specializing in innovative 4th wave intelligent machine technology. The company is a recognized innovation leader, with solutions capable of powering networks of smart edge devices, from industrial machines to micro and nano machines, combining smart machines, cognitive AI, learning adaptive automation, industrial IoT and human-centric design. Qylur’s security business leverages its technology stack to fundamentally transform the security of public places, transit hubs, critical infrastructure and buildings. The Q Entry experience helps venues continuously optimize entry operations and provide the best possible security, while providing customers with a fun, respectful and personalized self-service entry process. It was the first to use fused sensor technology and AI-based automated detection for personalized screening. Qylur’s solutions for the wider industry include the C4I smart city control platform and the SNIM™ AI peer-based continuous optimization platform for smart machines. For more information, visit qylur.com.


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